Past Conferences

Dreaming Asleep, Dreaming Awake

International Conference

7-­8 October 2016 – Warsaw, Poland

organised by Interdisciplinary Research Foundation

The conference is an IASD sponsored event*


        Keynote Speaker: Dr. Massimo Schinco, International Association for the Study of Dreams

     The notion of dreams and beliefs about them differ considerably across cultures. In certain societies, dreams are generally considered to be unreal figments irrelevant to the important concerns of daily life. In other cultures people treat dreams as important sources of information about the future, the spiritual world or oneself. In some, dreams are considered to be a space for action like waking life, or a means for communication with other people or with the supernatural.

     According to Waud H. Kracke, how dreams are dealt within different cultures may be examined from four perspectives: beliefs people hold about the nature of dreaming; conventional systems by which people interpret particular dreams; the social context in which dreams are shared (or not shared) and discussed; and the ways in which dreams are used in practice, especially in curing. In addition, dreams can be interpreted psychodynamically, as expressing the dreamer’s inner wishes, fears and conflicts. Furthermore, scholars and clinicians have refined different forms of dreamworking, especially in groups, in order to appreciate the benefits that the attention to dreams may bring about in the life of individuals and communities.

     Dreaming Asleep, Dreaming Awake International Conference aims to spark new conversations about dreams and and their role(s) in cultural, social and personal contexts.

         Papers are invited on topics related, but not limited, to:

  • theories of dreaming
  • cultural differences in dreams
  • social embeddedness of dreams
  • dream symbolism
  • interpretation of dreams
  • therapeutic use of dreams
  • dreams and creativity

   The conference will bring together scholars from different fields including philosophy, theology, psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, sociology, anthropology, history, art, literature, linguistics, etc.

          The language of the conference is English.

        Paper proposals up to 250 words and a brief biographical note should be sent by 10 September 2016 to: Download paper proposal form.

          Papers presented at the conference will be published in a collected volume.

Conference Venue: Wilcza Conference Centre, ul. Wilcza 9, Warsaw

* All the delegates should accept to conform themselves, for what concerns the conference, to the IASD ethical statements:

Abbreviated IASD Ethical Statement

The International Association for the Study of Dreams acknowledges the value and importance of the tudy of dreams and recognizes the responsibility inherent in such study and its consequent applications. The Association encourages its members to exemplify the highest standards of ethical behavior in whatever involvement they may have with dreams. Members are thus encouraged to do their utmost to respect the rights and dignity of other persons; to be honest, accurate and open-minded in the presentation of information and ideas; to insure privacy and confidentiality in dealing with clients, research subjects or members of the general public; and to prevent and avoid any situation where a conflict of interest may compromise the capacity for making prudent and objective decisions and responses.

In keeping with these broad principles, the Association considers it unethical, at its own conferences and programs, for members to use direct solicitation or persuasion for economic or self aggrandizement. Presenters are expected to be honest and accurate in the communication of their own credentials and competencies.